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Highlight the Essential features Offered by WhatsApp Marketing Software, such as bulk Messaging, Contact Management, Automation, Analytics, and Integration with CRM Systems.

WhatsApp Marketing Software

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Provide an Overview of WhatsApp Marketing Software, Explaining how Businesses can use it to Leverage the Popularity and reach of WhatsApp for Marketing Purposes.

Educate users about Compliance Regulations and Best Practices for WhatsApp Marketing, Including Obtaining Consent from Recipients, Avoiding Spammy Behavior, and respecting user privacy.

Identify the Target Audience for WhatsApp Marketing Software, such as Small Businesses, e-commerce stores, Digital Marketers, and Customer Support Teams. Provide examples of use cases in different Industries.

Address Security and Data Protection Concerns Related to WhatsApp Marketing Software, Emphasizing features such as end-to-end Encryption, Secure data Storage, and Compliance with data Protection Regulations.

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

  • Send Messages on WhatsApp Contacts, Groups, and Manual numbers and from file (supported .xlsx, .txt and .xls)
  • Auto Reply Rules with 'Equal to', 'Like', 'Starts With', 'End with' and 'Contains'
  • Enable/Disable Auto Reply Rules
  • Manage Campaign’s
  • Receive Replies
  • Logs with Sent, Pending & Failed messages
  • Schedule of sending messages
  • Attach multiple number of photos, Documents & stickers with caption
  • Filter bulk number at one click (differentiation with Business, WhatsApp & Normal Numbers)
  • Campaign’s Report
  • Manage Multi Messages
  • Draft Messages with Bold, Italic, Strikeouts and emoji’s

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