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Weighbridge software is a type of software that is designed to manage and automate weighing processes at weighbridges, which are large scales used for weighing vehicles and their cargo. The software can be used to track and record the weight of vehicles, generate weighbridge tickets, and provide real-time reports on the weight of goods transported.

Weighbridge Software
Our software development team’s precise weighing solutions can be used to measure trucks with various loading capacities and varied products. With the help of our software solution, various Weighbridge with various weighing scale capabilities can be managed.

All different types of trucks, including dumper trucks, contract transport trucks, log carrier trucks, etc., are weighed using our software solution.

All information captured on the weighing scale is put into system solutions with precise data. Our programmer provides simple integration with weighing scales.

The software features a vehicle master, simple weight entering, camera image capture, email and SMS sending capabilities.

A shortcut key can be used to access any function. Net weight or tare gross weight may be included in the report. Creating reports only one click.

We offer a user-friendly weighbridge software solution that is supported by SQL Server and Windows based databases. With weighing software, operating a weighbridge is simple.

Our weighing software is fully automation Software that help to save your time and Money. Some common features of weighbridge software include:
  • Vehicle registration and management: This feature allows for easy recording and tracking of the vehicles that use the weighbridge.
  • Load management: This feature enables the software to track and record the weight of the goods being transported by each vehicle.
  • Ticket generation: The software can generate weighbridge tickets for each vehicle that uses the weighbridge. The tickets can contain information such as the date and time of the weighing, the weight of the vehicle and its load, and any relevant charges.
  • Report generation: The software can provide real-time reports on the weight of goods transported, the frequency of use of the weighbridge, and other key metrics.
  • Integration with other systems: Weighbridge software can be integrated with other software systems, such as accounting software, to streamline business processes.
Overall, weighbridge software can help improve efficiency and accuracy in weighing operations, reduce the risk of errors, and provide valuable insights into the transportation of goods.
  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics
  • Working with Any Brand / Make Indicator. (Require only RS232 Communication String)
  • Data Base Auto Backup Facility
  • Provide ERP, Oracle, Tally Integration based on Client Requirement
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM integration
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Technology We Cater

visual studio (C#, .Net)


Crystal reports, MS DOS





Free to download our catalog to understand in detail. You can also download the setup file.

  • Window Based Software (Support to XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10)
  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics
  • Three Type of Short Cut Key Provide for Operation. (For Exa. F1, Ctrl+F, Altr+F)
  • Working with Any Brand / Make Indicator (Require only RS232 Communication String)
  • Easy Installation Process
  • Weighbridge Anti Theft Facility
  • Generate GST Invoice from Weighbridge Software
  • Auto SMS Sending Facility (Daily Ticket Data).
  • Auto Mail Sending Facility (Daily Ticket Data).
  • Auto SMS on every weighment
  • Auto Mail on every weighment
  • Send SMS on Customer Mobile (If require)
  • Supporting to Multi User, Multi Shift
  • Individual Reports Access Rights.
  • User can modify Own Password Only.
  • Data Auditing Feature (Any Modification by operator – System will Provide Reports)
  • User Authentication for Ticket Edit/ Re-Print/ Delete Wise.
  • Facility to Connect/Disconnect With Indicator.
  • Allow Multi COM-Port Entry. (Define Diffrent Indicator)
  • Data Base Auto Backup Facility
  • Use Application in LAN (Same time work in Multy Weighbridge)
  • Same time Working in Different Brand Indicator. (In Network)
  • Application support to Multi Data Base (SQL SERVER 2005 Express/ MS Access/ Oracle).
  • Manual Weight Entry is Possible. (If Require)
  • Manual Tare Entry is Possible with F8 Key.
  • Customize Slip Field Supporting.
  • Up to 11 Field To Customize as per Client Requirement (Also option for Mandatory).
  • Supporting Client Server Application.
  • Provide SAP, ERP, Oracle Connectivity based on client requirement
  • Daily Data Export in Excel, CSV, Text File (Date wise, Ticket No wise)
  • Weighbridge Software Manual Operation
  • easy weighbridge software
  • Provide Direct Net Weight Feature (Slip Entry – Single Entry system).
  • Supporting to Slip Re-Printing, Editing, Deleting With User Access.
  • Provide Feature For Slip Entry Date (Visible / Hide / Date Modifying)
  • Indication for Existing vehicle tare weigh compare with new weight
  • Provide Dropdown Feature For Party Master, Vehicle Master, Product Master.
  • Batch Weighing Facility.(Take Batch Tare/ Gross weight for single truck – use warehouse)
  • Facility for select automatically vehicle tare weight
  • View live vehicle position with CCTV & capture photo, also print ticket with vehicle photo.
  • Set Multi COM Setting in Single System.
  • Customize and Develop As per Client Requirement and Connect with SAP/ ERP/ Oracle.
  • Provide Five Type of Ticket Printing Facility
  • Type:-
    1:- DOS Based Parting– It’s speedy printing which print within 3 or 4 second only.
    2:- Windows based Printing – It’s providing facility for ticket formatting, Like Font size,
    3:- Ticket Print With Photo – Print ticket with Vehicle photo.
    4:- Net Printing – Modify Printing format on client side As per need.
    5:- FRX Printing – With Printing Editor Modify Printing format on client side As per need.
  • Pre Printed Ticket Can Set On Client Side.
  • Customize Paper Size  (Set Paper Size as per Client Requirement on Side)
  • Direct Ticket Print on Printer. (Without View)
  • Option for Print Not Require/ First Print Not Require. (Can Set Setting as per require)
  • DOS Based Speedy Ticket printing
  • Customize Field in DOS Printing. (Upto 50 Setting.)
  • Ticket printing with truck photo.
  • Re-Print With User Password Authentication.
  • Supporting to Label Printer (Like Zebra/Thermal..)
  • Can Set Customize Label Size as per require.
  • Print Direct Invoice From Weighbridge Software. (Set Invoice Format as per Client Requirement)
  • Create Custom Paper Size
  • Set Same Paper 2 or 3 Copy Of Print
  • Option for Ask For Next Printing to Operator
  • Set Custom Paper Side On Printing
  • Set Customer Preprinted Slip Format
  • weighbridge slip software


  • Master Reports
  • Date Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Reports
  • Party Wise Reports
  • User Wise Reports
  • Vehicle Wise Reports
  • Ticket No Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Summary Report
  • Customer Wise Summary Report
  • Edit Data Auditing Reports
  • Delete Data Auditing Reports
  • Engineer Feedback Report
  • Shift Wise Report
  • All Summary Report
  • Weighbridge Software Have Facility for Anti theft protection, Admin user can setup of this facility. Admin User Can Set Minimum Weight Limit and Time For Stable Weight.
  • How To Use of This Facility and Protection : When Vehicle Leave Weighbridge without Ticket / Weighment Save.
  • This Facility Active For Road Weighbridge Operation, When Operator Take Payment and Not Save Vehicle Ticket That Time Software Automatically Capture Vehicle Stable Image and Maximum Vehicle Weight with Date Time, User Name And Generate Report For Weighbridge Owner.
  • So End Of The Day Weighbridge Owner Check Report How Many Vehicle Leave Without Weightment and Ask about to Operator.
  • Weighbridge Anti Theft Facility
  • Generate GST Invoice from Weighbridge Software
  • Unmanned Weighbridge System
  • CCTV Camera Supporting (Up 4 Nodes)
  • Vehicle Image Capture On Weighment Time (Automatically)
  • Vehicle Alignment System On Weighbridge
  • SMS Sending Facility per Weighment, Per Day
  • Email Sending Facility Per Weighment, Per Day
  • RFID Based Weighbridge Software. (Support To RFID Card Instrument)
  • Traffic Signalwith Weighbridge Software
  • Software configure with any type of indicator like CAS, LEO, Every, Sartorius 
  • Support in Quarry Management System.
  • Barcode, QR Code with Weighbridge Software
  • Driver Signature Pad Weighment time Take Live Drive Signature and Print.
  • Web Cam For Capture Driver Photo
  • Driver Thumbnail Take Weighment time.
  • Secure Login : “Finger Print”
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