Comport Utility Software

Monitoring Serial Communication: Real-time monitoring of data exchange between devices connected to COM ports. Testing and debugging : Tools for testing and debugging serial communication Protocols and troubleshooting Connectivity Issues.

Comport Utility Software

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Configuring COM ports: Ability to Configure Settings such as baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits, and flow control.

Improved Productivity: Streamlined management and monitoring of serial communication ports, reducing the time required for configuration and troubleshooting.

Industrial Automation: Controlling and Monitoring machinery and equipment via serial communication interfaces.

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Comport Utility Software (CUS) is designed to facilitate communication between a computer and various devices via serial ports (COM ports). This software is commonly used in industries like automation, embedded systems, robotics, and telecommunications where devices need to exchange data through serial communication.

Key Features :
  1. Port Configuration:
    • Auto-detection of available COM ports.
    • Configuration settings for baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, and flow control.
    • Saving and loading configuration profiles.

  2. Data Transmission and Reception:
    • Sending data manually via a user interface.
    • Automated data transmission through scripting or scheduled tasks.
    • Real-time data monitoring with options to log data to a file.
    • Data reception handling with options for parsing and processing received data.

  3. Protocol Support:
    • Support for common communication protocols such as Modbus, RS232, RS485, and CAN.
    • Custom protocol configuration options for proprietary systems.

  4. Error Handling and Diagnostics:
    • Error detection mechanisms including parity errors, frame errors, and buffer overflows.
    • Diagnostic tools for monitoring signal quality and integrity.
    • Logging and reporting of communication errors.

  5. Scripting and Automation:
    • Support for scripting languages like Python, Lua, or built-in scripting to automate tasks.
    • Event-driven scripting capabilities (e.g., actions triggered on data reception).

  6. User Interface:
    • Graphical user interface (GUI) for ease of use.
    • Command-line interface (CLI) for advanced users and automation.
    • Customizable interface themes and layouts.

  7. Data Analysis Tools:
    • Real-time data visualization (graphs, charts).
    • Data filtering and sorting options.
    • Export tools for data in various formats (CSV, JSON, XML).

  8. Security:
    • Secure data transmission options (encryption, authentication).
    • User access control with different permission levels.

  9. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
    • Support for multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).

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