Unmanned Weighbridge Software

Unmanned weighbridge software refers to a software system that allows the weighing process at a weighbridge to be automated without the need for human intervention. These systems use a combination of hardware and software to accurately measure the weight of vehicles and their contents.

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Here are some of the key features of unmanned weighbridge software:

  1. Automated Weighing: The Software automates the Weighing process, eliminating the need for a Weighbridge operator to manually record weight readings.
  2. Integration with other systems: Unmanned weighbridge software can be integrated with other software systems, such as logistics management software, accounting software, and inventory management software to provide a comprehensive solution for managing supply chains.
  3. Real-time data: The Software provides real-time data on Weight readings, which can be used to monitor inventory levels, track vehicle movements, and optimize logistics operations.
  4. Customizable reports: The software generates Customizable reports on Weighbridge operations, which can be used to analyze data, track trends, and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Remote access: Unmanned Weighbridge Software can be accessed remotely, allowing users to monitor weighbridge operations from anywhere with an internet connection.
  6. Security features: The Software includes security features such as user authentication and data encryption to ensure the safety and integrity of data.

Overall, unmanned Weighbridge Software can help businesses streamline their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Our Gallery

  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics
  • Working with Any Brand / Make Indicator. (Require only RS232 Communication String)
  • Data Base Auto Backup Facility
  • Provide ERP, Oracle, Tally Integration based on Client Requirement
  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM integration
for weighbridge software

Technology We Cater

visual studio (C#, .Net)


Crystal reports, MS DOS




CCTV Based Weighbridge Software

For securing the weighbridge, Popular Infosys providing CCTV Surveillance for capturing the images of vehicle. It will Capture Vehicle Image at Weighing time and Store into a Selected Path in drive.


Free to download our catalog to understand in detail. You can also download the setup file.

Feature List
  • Unmanned Weighbridge Software.
  • iot Based UMS Controler
  • Robust and weather-proof stainless steel cabinet for added protection with optional climate control.
  • CCTV Camera Supporting.
  • Data accuracy with pre-programmed vehicle data using RFID card readers or Touch panel with user friendly interface.
  • Improved facility control and security with traffic barriers, traffic lights, surveillance cameras etc
  • Weighing Data Management Software interacting with Imagic industrial scale terminals provides instant access to critical business information such as operational analysis, billing and inventory control.
  • Weighing Terminal with RFID Card Reader or Touch Panel Terminal - for accurate and quick data input
  • Detection Loops or Photocells - to automatically detect vehicles and transfer of details.
  • Traffic Lights - For safe operation
  • Exit & Entry Barriers - For security and arranging vehicle traffic.
  • Truck Plate Recognition - For clear identification of vehicles and loads.
  • Surveillance Cameras - For increased security
Printing Facility
  • Provide Five Type of Ticket Printing Facility
  • Type:-
    1:- DOS Based Parting - It's speedy printing which print within 3 or 4 second only.
    2:- Windows based Printing - It's providing facility for ticket formatting, Like Font size,
    3:- Ticket Print With Photo - Print ticket with Vehicle photo.
    4:- Net Printing - Modify Printing format on client side As per need.
    5:- FRX Printing - With Printing Editor Modify Printing format on client side As per need.
  • Pre Printed Ticket Can Set On Client Side.
  • Customize Paper Size Setting. (Set Paper Size as per Client Requirement on Side)
  • Direct Ticket Print on Printer. (Without View)
  • Option for Print Not Require/ First Print Not Require. (Can Set Setting as per require)
  • DOS Based Speedy Ticket printing facility.
  • Customize Field in DOS Printing. (Upto 50 Setting.)
  • Ticket printing with truck photo.
  • Re-Print With User Password Authentication.
  • Supporting to Label Printer (Like Zebra/Thermal..)
  • Can Set Customize Label Size as per require.
  • Print Direct Invoice From Weighbridge Software. (Set Invoice Format as per Client Requirement)
  • Create Custom Paper Size
  • Set Same Paper 2 or 3 Copy Of Print
  • Option for Ask For Next Printing to Operator
  • Set Custom Paper Side On Printing
  • Set Customer Preprinted Slip Format
  • weighbridge slip software
  • Master Reports
  • Date Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Reports
  • Party Wise Reports
  • User Wise Reports
  • Vehicle Wise Reports
  • Ticket No Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Summary Report
  • Customer Wise Summary Report
  • Edit Data Auditing Reports
  • Delete Data Auditing Reports
  • Engineer Feedback Report
  • Shift Wise Report
  • All Summary Report
Anti Theft Facility
  • Weighbridge Software Have Facility for Anti theft protection, Admin user can setup of this facility. Admin User Can Set Minimum Weight Limit and Time For Stable Weight.
  • How To Use of This Facility and Protection : When Vehicle Leave Weighbridge without Ticket / Weighment Save.
  • This Facility Active For Road Weighbridge Operation, When Operator Take Payment and Not Save Vehicle Ticket That Time Software Automatically Capture Vehicle Stable Image and Maximum Vehicle Weight with Date Time, User Name And Generate Report For Weighbridge Owner.
  • So End Of The Day Weighbridge Owner Check Report How Many Vehicle Leave Without Weightment and Ask about to Operator.
  • Weighbridge Anti Theft Facility
  • Generate GST Invoice from Weighbridge Software
Other Details
  • Unmanned Weighbridge System
  • CCTV Camera Supporting (Up 4 Nodes)
  • Vehicle Image Capture On Weighment Time (Automatically)
  • Vehicle Alignment System On Weighbridge
  • SMS Sending Facility per Weighment, Per Day
  • Email Sending Facility Per Weighment, Per Day
  • RFID Based Weighbridge Software. (Support To RFID Card Instrument)
  • Traffic Signal with Weighbridge Software
  • Software configure with any type of indicator like CAS, LEO, Every, Sartorius ...
  • Support in Quarry Management System.
  • Barcode, QR Code with Weighbridge Software
  • Driver Signature Pad Weighment time Take Live Drive Signature and Print.
  • Web Cam For Capture Driver Photo
  • Driver Thumbnail Take Weighment time.
  • Secure Login : "Finger Print"
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