Inward Outward Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge Software with Inward/Outward functionalities is a specific type of Weighbridge Management Software designed to streamline the process of Weighing vehicles entering and exiting a facility.
Inward Outward Weighbridge Software

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Inward Outward Software Specifically tracks and manages the weights of vehicles based on whether they are coming onto the property (Inward) or leaving (Outward).

Automated Inward/Outward Designation is  The software allows for automatic identification of whether a vehicle is entering or leaving the premises.

Weight Capture and Ticket Generation: Upon weighing, the software captures the gross weight of the vehicle upon entry (Inward) and the tare weight (unloaded weight) upon exit (Outward).

The software generates weight tickets for each vehicle, automatically recording the Inward/Outward status along with other relevant details like time, date, product information etc.

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  • Increased Efficiency: Automates weight capture, ticket generation, and data recording, saving time and reducing manual errors.
  • Improved Inventory Management: Provides real-time data on incoming and outgoing goods, enabling better inventory control and forecasting.
  • Enhanced Security: Streamlines access control by linking vehicle movement (Inward/Outward) with access permissions.
  • Accurate Data Collection: Ensures accurate recording of weight data categorized by Inward and Outward movement.
  • Inventory Management: By tracking Inward and Outward Weights, the Software can be Integrated with inventory management systems.
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